As an institution that is mission driven and intentional in its structure and purpose, The Knox School created its academic program to provide capable students with opportunities to excel within a liberal arts program that is infused with artistic and athletic pursuits. Knox students enjoy experiences of discovery and learning that will prepare them for life in college and beyond. Our team of administrators and educators are driven by a collective vision and desire to inspire in each student a lifelong love of learning, and to nurture and celebrate each individual’s strengths and talents.

While we do not teach or test to the Common Core or Regents examinations, our standards and expectations of our students align with or exceed the rigor of state and national education standards. We offer a wide variety of AP courses, electives that are relevant to the needs and interests of our student body, and a lively performing arts program, along with stimulating visual arts offerings. Academic support is also available through our ENL and BOOST programs, and leadership opportunities are always available for the taking in our classrooms, in our studios, and on our playing courts and fields.

We are proud of the fact that the academic program at Knox is never static, but a dynamic entity of our School upon which we are always building.

Donna Pergola

Dean of Academics