The Solarium at Houghton Hall

Located between the living room and the Chapel, The Solarium features student art shows as well as exhibitions by professional artists.

The Solarium originated as a sunroom in the winter and a breezeway in the summer. The windows were strategically designed to allow for the glass panes to descend into the basement. With the view of the harbor and overall serene beauty, the original function of the Solarium made sense.

When the property became a school, The Solarium had many uses. For a period of time, it was open to the students as an evening study hall and also primarily as the underclass lounge. In addition, when all of the meals were formal, the living room and Solarium were designated spaces for students and faculty to gather before meals. After 2001, the room had no particular use except as a passage way to the Meeting Room, and for additional seating if needed. The Solarium became a gallery under a previous business manager, Ed Walters, who was instrumental in seeing the project completed.

Every year, a senior art student at Knox is appointed as Student Gallery Curator to learn and engage as a curator for all exhibitions. This apprenticeship provides an introduction to contemporary artists for networking while boosting the student’s knowledge of the technical aspects of hanging and exhibiting work in a gallery or museum.

The curator of The Solarium at Houghton Hall is Mrs. Patricia Colombraro,